Our unique course covers a wide variety of topics that can benefit any couple, regardless of how long the couple has been together. With over 21 chapters, and featuring fun videos and engaging, thought-provoking questions, our online premarital course is a valuable asset that explores the many changes that come with marriage.

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Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable, both as individuals and as a couple. Learn what you have to risk, what you will gain, and what new, exciting experiences could come your way. Marriage is the adventure of a lifetime, get ready!

Respect and Encouragement

We all know how important respect and encouragement are in a relationship, but this chapter will get you thinking. How does your partner want to be encouraged? Are there things either of you could do to improve?

Your Love Type

Different people have different preferences towards how they want to feel loved. You might be surprised to learn that your partner prefers one way over another. We will help you both identify your love types and explore the ways you each prefer to be loved.

Couple's Closeness & Making Each Other a Priority

Strong relationships have strong bonds, so it's important to remain close to one another. Explore the threats to couple's closeness and discover ways to overcome these threats. There are a lot of things you will each have to focus your attention on, however, it is important to make your spouse and relationship a priority.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Nobody is perfect, but that's what makes a relationship beautiful. Understanding and accepting your partner, flaws and all. But there are some things that can't be accepted. It's important to identify and discuss these issues early on.

Improving Communication

One of the most important things that leads to marital success is good communication. Explore your current satisfaction levels and find ways you can improve.

Managing Anger and Conflicts

It hurts to be angry at someone you love. When a conflict arises and you are disagreeing, what do you think is most important to do? Discover this, and learn concepts and techniques to help with managing anger.

Fighting for Control and Changing Your Partner

Often in relationships, people find themselves criticizing their partner, asking them to change something, complaining or nagging. It's important to realize that there is a limit to change that someone will do for you, and any issues need to be discussed early on. Learn how to avoid being controlling, and instead, be more accepting of your partner.

Affection, Touch and Sex

Just like you both have different ways of expressing your love, there are many ways to express affection. It's important to discuss what affection means to each of you.

Family Changes and Boundaries

Depending on the couple, families and friends may be very involved in your relationship. Understanding and setting boundaries is important for your marital happiness. And, if you're preparing for children, it's like starting on a new adventure to travel the world. Get an idea of how things will change and explore how you would each share the experiences.

Financial Management

One of the top strengths in happily married couples is financial management-- they agree on how to spend their money! Learn some basics so you can you start your marriage with a plan for tackling current or future financial burdens as a team.

Spiritual Beliefs

Another top strength in happily married couples is agreeing with how spiritual values and beliefs are expressed. Explore the similarities and differences between your beliefs and learn how it impacts to your relationship.

Professional Help

Asking for help is never easy, but if you both love each other and ever feel unable to peacefully resolve issues, professional help might become a valuable option. A new point of view can often be very helpful!

Looking at the Long-Term

Marriages require effort, love and care. Similar to a garden, it needs care and attention or it will wither away! Explore ways to keep your marriage strong, even as the years fly by.

Couples "On the Road Less Traveled"

Some couples, such as those that are same-sex, remarrying, older, interracial, or who already have children face unique challenges that other couples may not. For these couples, a bonus chapter explores the unique challenges they may face, and provides tips and activities to get the couple talking about how they will continue to have a successful marriage.

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