One of the most important keys to success in marriage is communication. Understanding what you both expect from one another can allow you to figure out how you want your marriage to be. Determining some of the responsibilities, how you intend to deal with unexpected emergencies, and expressing your long-term goals can help strengthen your ties and create a foundation for long-lasting success.


Envision Love Premarital Course

A fun couple's activity

Many online premarital courses simply provide couples with a PDF to read. We envision love as one that will last a lifetime, and to accomplish such a feat, we believe that communication is key. Our course is designed as a fun couples activity that incorporates:

  • Fun videos
  • Thought provoking activities and questions
  • Insightful thoughts
  • Helpful tips to become more connected with each other
  • ... and more!

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21+ Chapters of Valuable Content

Explore the topics covered in our premarital course. Our premarital course features over 21 chapters of valuable information that will help keep your relationship healthy and happy. From finances, conflict resolution, children, and more, this course has been designed to be a valuable resource for all couples. Couples "on the road less traveled", such as those who are older, interracial, of the same gender, previously married or already have children will also find information that will help them face uniquely challenging issues such as discrimination.