Miami-Dade Marriage License Information

Miami-Dade County Clerk's Office: General Information

Address: 601 NW 1 Court, Miami, Florida 33136 (see other locations)
Phone: (305) 275-1155
Online Marriage License Application (expedite the process!)
We are an approved premarital course provider in Miami-Dade County. For verification, view the county's Premarital Course Provider Search System, select "City" and type "Tampa". We will be listed as Envision Love, LLC.

Marriage License Overview

To get a marriage license in Florida, the couple must:

  • Apply in person at the clerk's office
  • Bring valid photo id (driver's license/state ID, passport, military ID, or alien registration card)
  • Know your social security number, however, the card itself is not neccessary
  • Read the Family Law Handbook (included in our premarital course for your convenience)
  • Be at least 18 years old to marry without parental consent
    • If 16 or 17 years old, present a signed parental consent form
  • If applicable, know the date and reason why a previous marriage ended
  • Pay the marriage license fee

Fees & Discounts

The fee for a Florida marriage license is $93.50. However, couples that complete an approved premarital course have a reduced marriage license fee of $61.00. To take advantage of this discount, the premarital course certificate of completion must be provided to the clerk at the time of the application.

Marriage License Use & Restrictions

There is a 3-day waiting period before a marriage ceremony can be performed after a marriage license is issued. However, Florida couples who attend a premarital course from the Miami-Dade premarital provider list skip the waiting period and may be married on the same day the license is issued. Couples hoping to skip the waiting period must provide the clerk with the certificate of completion with their application. If both individuals are non-Florida residents, there is not a waiting period. After a couple has their marriage licenses, it will be valid for 60 days from the issue date. The marriage license must be returned to the clerk's office within 10 days, following the ceremony.

Getting Married at the Clerk's Office

The Miami-Dade county clerk's office provides brief civil ceremonies to couples that wish to get married at the clerk's office. There is an additional fee of $30 for this service. At the various clerk office locations, a small decorated room has been designated for small wedding ceremonies. You may bring family, friends, flowers, as well as a photographer or camera. If you choose to have the clerk take photos for you, there is an additional fee of $10.