Clay County Marriage License Information

Clay County Clerk's Office: General Information

Address: 7380 State Road 100, Suite 10, Keystone Heights, Florida 32656 (other locations)
Phone: 352-478-8016 (Keystone Heights location)
Online Marriage License Application
We are approved an approved premarital course provider in Clay county. You may verify this by calling the clerk and asking them to check their book of providers for Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams, licensed mental health counselor, with Envision Love, LLC. Due to our business address, their office indicated that we will not be in their online listing of only local providers, but they can find us listed as a registered provider in their physical book of providers.

Marriage License Overview

If you plan to receive your marriage license in Clay county, you must:

  • Both be present at the clerk's office
  • Have a valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Know your social security numbers (or have the card)
  • Sign the Premarital Statement Form in front of the deputy clerk
  • File the paperwork at the clerk's office by 4pm in order for it to be completed before the clerk's office closes
  • Pay the marriage license fee

Fees & Discounts

The cost for the marriage license, including the state and county fees is $93.50. However, couples who attend an approved premarital course will have the marriage license application reduced to $61.00. The premarital course must be completed by both individuals in order for the discount to be valid.

Marriage License Use & Restrictions

Marriage licenses are issued immediately after the paperwork has been completed, however, there is a mandatory 3-day waiting period before the marriage license becomes valid for a couple to be married. However, couples that choose to complete a premarital course will be able to skip the 3-day waiting period and be married on the same day the license is issued. Non-Florida residents do have a waiting period and must pay the normal marriage license fee. Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the issue date, and must be returned to the clerk's office within 10 days after the marriage is performed.