Calhoun County Marriage License Information

Calhoun County Clerk's Office: General Information

Address: 20859 Central Avenue E., Room 130 Blountstown, FL 32424
Phone: (850) 674-4545
Our premarital course is approved in Calhoun county. Feel free to verify this by calling the clerk, we will be listed under Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams or Envision Love, LLC.

Marriage License Overview

If you plan to apply for your marriage license in Calhoun county, you will both need to appear in person and bring:

  • Proof of identity (photo ID, such as driver's license, military ID or passport)
  • Social security number
  • Payment for the marriage license fee

Fees & Discounts

The cost for the marriage license, including the state and county fees is $93.50. However, couples who attend an approved premarital course will only pay $61.00. Since some counties do not accept checks and other specific forms of payment, we recommend calling to find the best way to pay.

Marriage License Use & Restrictions

There is a 3-day waiting period before the marriage license is valid and the couple may get married, unless both individuals have taken a premarital course together. If only one applicant takes the course, the waiting period will still be required. If neither applicant is a Florida resident, there is no waiting period. Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the issue date, and must be returned to the clerk's office within 10 days after the marriage is performed. A couple can obtain a marriage license in any Florida county and use it to be married anywhere in Florida.